Well hi! I'm Jay Nielsen, a full stack web development professional with bountiful experience building hundreds of websites for businesses, law firms, non-profits, and universities across the nation. I enjoy exploring opportunities in technology for creatively sharing information, and have worked with a variety of teams to deliver quality web applications for clients large and small.

My passion for education and technology stems from my rural upbringing. With few neighbors and structured activities, my siblings and I taught ourselves how to make our own entertainment through trial-and-error and trips to the library. This self-directed, hands-on approach to education continues to guide my career.

I have built online courses for Utah Valley University, taught English in China, and trained creative individuals in free and open-source media production in both online and in-person classroom settings. I co-developed The Hello World Program, a series of videos and written tutorials that combines digital and analog craft to communicate complex, computer-science subjects with humor and wit.


In today’s always connected society, we are becoming more and more dependant on the internet. We use it for work, play, communication, and education. Because the inner workings of web technologies are obscured from the end user, the system seems like magic to the uninitiated.

It’s not.

The tools necessary to invent and create online applications for and with a global audience are not only free and readily available, they are easy to learn too. The difficulty is in confronting a competitive, sometimes hostile, male-dominated industry as a beginner.

My goal as an educator is to develop a positive learning environment that empowers and enable creatives of all ages and backaground to develop their own media and engage critically with contemporary advances in technology.